11th October, 2018

Remembering Dr VD Mehta on his 80th birth anniversary

10th October, 2018

“My father, I called him “Papaji” was an intellectual who was very successful in professional life. He was determined to keep the legacy of ongoing education in his children. He inspired us with his strengths and motivated us to be independent and self sufficient to reach our dreams. He used to say “believe in yourself and you have reached half your journey towards the goal it’s that extra bit of challenge you give yourself makes you stronger”. He was very selfless and said he wanted to live independently in Punjab after voluntary retirement. I remember in his farewell party in Terene fibers when a gentleman asked him, how does he feel about retirement, he said “he is very excited, life is about to start now as I’m looking forward to doing my own business”. He kept up his words. He said he wanted to be known as a person who would give to others and he truly did.”

“He was and is always special!”

- Dr Neelam Prasad
General Practitioner NHS

6th October, 2018

“VDM was my first student to get masters degree in chemical engineering and had to work with practically no funds and he acquitted himself well. He joined industry but after some time came back to do doctoral work which he did very well and published work in top notch journals. He was a performer with no ego whatsoever.

I was very happy indeed to catch up about his life after he left Bombay. I unfortunately did not know that several years ago he died; I was curious to know about his whereabouts.”

Emeritus Professor of Eminence, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

6th October, 2018

“In mid-nineties, as the CEO of CAFI in Mumbai he was at peak of his career. He could easily have had suitable professional engagements in Western India however he chose to move permanently to Rajpura Punjab instead where his parents lived. The foundation stone of the factory that he had set up in Rajpura was laid by his mother. His father actively worked in the factory along with him until his death. Going by the outcome, perhaps his intent was to support his parents in the last phase of their lives. Very sensible and reasoned step indeed especially in view of the realities of the dynamics of elderly care in India. I do not see many people taking such step. And, entrepreneurship initiative post retirement! A very rare trait to see. Good enough for me to say 'hats off to you’!”

- Dr U Prasad